List of Hime-chen! Otogi Chikku Idol Lilpri episodesEdit

The Fairyland World is in trouble. It's princesses and their respective worlds are disappearing, causing their books in the human world to dissapear. In order to save the Fairyland World, the Queen sends three magic animals (or Ma-pet), Sei, Dai, and Ryoku, to the human world with magic gems to find three girls who can become the "Super Miracle Idols," the princesses Snow White, Cinderella, and Kaguya-hime. Those "princesses" end up being three little girls: Yukimori Ringo, Takashiro Leila, and Sasahara Natsuki. But the gems transform them into older singing superstars, and after their accidental debut at the singer Wish's concert, they become known as "Little Princesses," or "Lil'Pri." Now they must collect Happiness Tones from humans in order to restore the Fairytale World.

Episode list Edit

No. Episode titles Airdate

"The Princesses are Found☆Pri !"

"Purinsesu miitsuketa☆puri!" (プリンセスみーつけた☆ぷりっ!)

4th April 2010

"The Great Magic Pet Mistake☆Pri!"

"Mapetto daishippai☆puri!" (魔ペット大失敗☆ぷりっ!)

11th April 2010

"A Forgetful Princess☆Pri!"

"Himesama wa wasurenbo☆puri!" (ひめさまは忘れんぼ☆ぷりっ!)

18th April 2010

"The Master Has Come☆Pri!"

"Oshishousama ga yatte kita☆puri!" (お師匠さまがやってきた☆ぷりっ)

25th April 2010

"Uproar while lost ☆Pri!"

"Maigo de oosawagi☆puri!" (まいごで大さわぎ☆ぷりっ!)

2nd May 2010

"It's Princess Training☆Pri!"

"Purinsesu shugyou da yo☆puri!" (プリンセス修行だヨ☆ぷりっ!)

9th May 2010

"Training is Over☆Puri!"

"Okeiko yaameta☆puri!" (おケイコやーめた☆ぷりっ)

16th May 2010

"Chase After Wish☆Pri!"

"Wish wo Oikakero☆Puri!" (Wishをおいかけろ☆ぷりっ!)

23rd May 2010

9. "Pri Pri Soccer☆Pri!"

"Puripuri sakkaa☆puri" (!ぷりぷりサッカー☆ぷりっ)

30th May 2010
10. "In Love with 575☆Pri!""Goshichigo de raburabu☆puri!" (五七五でラブラブ☆ぷりっ) 6th June 2010
11. "The Big Cinderella☆Pri!""Biggu na Shinderera☆Puri!" (ビッグなシンデレラ☆ぷりっ!) 13th June 2010

"The Best Apple Pie in the World☆Pri!"

"Sekaiichi no appuru pai☆puri!" (世界一のアップルパイ☆ぷりっ)

20th June 2010

"The Final Princess Change? Pri!"

"Saigo no himechen?☆puri!" (さいごのひめチェン?☆ぷりっ!)

27th June 2010
14. "We've Come to Fairyland☆Pri!""Otogi no kuni ni kichatta☆puri!" (おとぎの国にきちゃった☆ぷりっ!) 04th July 2010
15. Seriously? Seriously Magic! Pri!!Maji? Maji majikku☆puri! (?まじマジック☆ぷりっ!) 11th July 2010

"Happy Shoes and the Release Event! Pri!"

"Happī kutsu to rirīsuibento! Puri!" (ピー靴とリリースイベント!ぷり)

18th July 2010
17. "Mermaid Lili! Pri!""Māmeidorirī! Puri!" (マーメイド・リリちゃん☆ぷりっ!) 25th July 2010
18. "Welcome Home, Reira's Dad! Pri!""okaeri , reira papa ☆ puritsu!" (おかえり、レイラパパ☆ぷりっ!) 1st August 2010
"A Test of Courage! Pri!"

"kimodameshida zoutsu ☆ puritsu!" (きもだめしだゾーッ☆ぷりっ!)

8th August 2010
20. "Remember! Ma-Pet! Pri!""omoidase ! ma petto ☆ puritsu!" (思いだせ!魔ペット☆ぷりっ!) 15th August 2010
21. "The Princess is the Mother! Pri!""hime sama ga okaa sama ☆ puritsu!" (ひめさまがおかあさま☆ぷりっ!) 22nd August 2010
22. "Whee! Summer Memories! Pri!""natsu no omoide !☆ puritsu!" (夏の思い出とんじゃビー!☆ぷりっ!) 29th August 2010

"The Candy House Collapsed? Pri!"

"okashi no ie ga ochi tekita ☆ puritsu!" (おかしの家が落ちてきた☆ぷりっ)

5th Semtember 2010
24. 'The Popular Princess Kaguya! Pri!""motemote kaguya hime ☆ puritsu!" (モテモテかぐやひめ☆ぷりっ) 12th September 2010
25. "The Secret's Out! Pri!""himitsuga bare chatta !☆ puritsu!" (ひみつがバレちゃった!☆ぷりっ) 19th September 2010
26. "The Prince of Fairy Land! Pri!""otogi no kuni no ouji sama ☆ puritsu!" (おとぎの国の王子さま☆ぷりっ) 26th September 2010
27. "The Omelet Rice of Hopes and Dreams! Pri!" 3rd October 2010
28. "Vivi, the Prankster Ma-Pet Arrives! Pri!" 10th October 2010

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