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All Girls: One! Two! Three! Four!

(song starts) All Girls: Na na na na, na na na na naaa (na naaa)

Na na na na, na na na na naaaaa (na naaa)

Ringo: We're little princesses, as you can see

Let me tell you a story about us

We can save the kingdom, yeah we know we can

But let's show you who we are!

I'm Snow White, with skin that's bright!

Apple pie is what I like to eat

I don't wanna get fat, but I can't help myself

Layla: I'm Cinderella, so gentle and kind

But at midnight I leave my glass slipper behind!

And my carriage is a pumpkin and at times you see

It sometimes drives right past me!

Natsuki: I'm Kaguya-hime, the tiny spirit

I loved looking at the full moon

But suddenly, it then started to rain

But I don't care, cause it's not really a pain

(rest of the lyrics coming soon)

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