Sei is a blue parakeet and Ringo's Ma-pet. Sei is best friends with Dai and Ryoku

Apperance: Edit

Sei is a blue and yellow parakeet. It usually has full black eyes but does change during the anime. As all the ma-pets it has the red blush marks like Dai and Ryoku. Sei is a boy as well as the others, Dai and Ryoku. When Ringo first came down with Sei, her family has known Sei as being a " parrot ". This is because Sei can talk, the family think that Sei is a normal bird but is actually Ringo's Ma-Pet


Dai: Sei has been with Dai for quite long, there are best friends as well as Ryoku. 

Ryoku: As well as Dai, Sei and Ryoku have been together for a while. They have both been send to find princess for returing the heart tones and Fairyland back to normal.

Ringo: Sei got along with Ringo very fast. Since Sei is Ringo's Ma-Pet they spend a lot of time together. They cook a lot together and help there friends through things. 

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