Wish/Prince Chris





Hair Color

Sky Blue

Eye Color


Voiced by

Tetsuya Kakihara

Wish is a popular male idol in the series who sings and endorses products. He is known for his light blue short hair and crimson eyes. In reality, his real name is Prince Chris, the prince of Fairyland who sent by his mother (Queen) to help Lilpri gather Happiness Tones. When he becomes physically tired, he transforms into a rabbit. It is also reveal that he was the one who retrieved the magic stones that turns the girls into Lilpri. To help him change back and forth in his forms, he was given a watch by the Queen. The watch also contains information on when a tear in Fairyland would appear. The watch also has message recording abilities and hologram creation. In the past, he was a charming prince, always smiling. But ever since he turned into a rabbit, he never smiled until Lilpri came along. After the Ultimate Shine was found, he was restored into his original form for life and he continues to become an idol in the human world. It is a secret between himself and Vivi that if he continues to be in his rabbit form, he will eventually become a normal rabbit for life, unable to talk or sing.




Wish Shirtless

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Wish Poster

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